Blue Kyanite Pendant
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Blue Kyanite Pendant

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Hand wrapped in sterling silver wire.

A special kind of magic... this crystal does not adopt the energies of other crystals, meaning it has great healing powers to help you find your balance. It can be placed on any of the 7 chakras and it will work it's incredible healing power to remove any unwanted energies. You can also use a wand of Blue Kyanite to clear energies from the aura by passing it over your auric field. 

Work closely with Blue Kyanite and it will keep you balance each day, ridding you of any anxiety or fear. Wear it around your neck in social situations as Blue Kyanite helps you to speak freely and easily work through a conversation, think quickly and problem solve when you're face with a tricky situation. Blue Kyanite also removes distractions allowing you to recall and remember things easily, including dream recall. 

Because this magical crystal doesn't take on other energies around it means it rarely ever needs to be cleansed.