Bumblebee Tumble Stone
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Bumblebee Tumble Stone

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Bumblebee Stone

A joyous and happy stone all about that social life! Work with this stone whenever you'e looking to make new friends or new connections with work colleagues. And in good faith, this stone will also ensure that anyone who is trying to trick you or doesn't have your best interest at heart will buzz off! So take it with you on your travels to unknown destinations to warn off any suspicious characters along the way. 

Connected to the solar plexus chakra, balancing out those power struggles. Bumblebee Stone can inspire you and others around you when working together to ensure harmony amongst the group. When in crisis, pick up your Bumblebee Stone and keep it close. You can also work with your stone to connect with the bees and work out what they they need and how you can make changes in your own life as well.