Mangano Calcite Tumble Stone
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Mangano Calcite Tumble Stone

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Mangano Calcite (or Pink Calcite) is aligned with the heart, it’s unconditional loving energy helping one to forgive and let go of the past. It can help to ease tension and anxiety, overcome nervous conditions and promote self-acceptance and self-worth. Mangano Calcite prevents nightmares and is particularly helpful for those who have suffered assault or trauma. 

In general, Calcite is a powerful cleansing stone - place a piece in any room and feel the negative energies lift away. Calcite calms the mind, brings positivity and removes stagnant energy within the body, helping to combat laziness and improve motivation. It helps to stabilise oneself and overcome emotional stress.

Calcite is said to cleanse the organs, assist skin and intestinal conditions as well as stimulate the healing of tissues. It may also improve immunity and encourage growth in children.