Mystery Moroccan Geode
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Mystery Moroccan Geode

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*Mystery geodes are intuitively selected for you*

Moroccan Geodes are made up of Clear Quartz. A large geode placed in your room or office can create ‘chi’ flow in the space around you. This energy helps to calm the mind and relax the spirit. Geodes are perfect for meditation, yoga, or simple relaxation.

Clear Quartz is a master healer; it can be used to amplify the energies of other crystals, and can also be programmed for any intention you wish. Clear Quartz is excellent for unblocking energy, as well as absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating energy.

The perfect stone for improving concentration and memory, Clear Quartz can help with distractions and enhance your meditative state. It can act as a deep cleanser for the soul, connecting the physical world to your mind as well as enhancing psychic abilities. A wonderful energy saver, Clear Quartz is even said to help reduce fuel consumption - keep a piece of Clear Quartz in your car to help you save on petrol.

Being a master healer, Clear Quartz may be used for any medical condition. It is particularly useful for stimulating the immune system and soothing burns.