Orange Calcite Tumble Stone
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Orange Calcite Tumble Stone

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The stone of joy, passion, fertility and relationships! There are many different colours in calcite. Calcite in it's rough form has the texture of wax or soap which is key to it's properties as calcite is great for cleansing and clearing away unwanted energy. Connected to the Sun God, Orange Calcite brings happiness and joy in your life and in your relationships. Orange Calcite is great for when you want to have a closer relationship with friends, a family member or a romantic partner. 

Orange Calcite brings work life balance and helps you to identify the simple pleasures in life and relax. Associated with the sacral chakra and should be placed when the sacral chakra is overactive. 

Orange Calcite is a great stone to keep in the bedroom as it removes those awkward and shy feelings in your sex life. Brings fertility when placed around the room or bedside table and brings a closer connection between you and a loving partner.