Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone (AA Grade)
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Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone (AA Grade)

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Rainbow Fluorite has many talents due to the different colours of Fluorite found in each stone. Specifically, Green Fluorite absorbs negative energies and clears infections; Purple Fluorite is a stone of meditation and psychic communication; Yellow Fluorite is helpful for enhancing creativity and supporting intellectual activities; Blue Fluorite brings calm energy, clear communication and orderly thoughts, and; Clear Fluorite aligns the chakras, brings energy to the aura and harmonises spirit with mind.

In general, Fluorite is a highly protective stone. It cleanses, purifies and removes anything within the body that is not in perfect working order. Fluorite improves concentration and assists in absorbing new information. It coordinates the physical and mental bodies, helping one to understand how the mind affects the body. Fluorite is also extremely effective against electromagnetic stress.

Fluorite is said to have powerful healing energies, helping to heal infections and disorders. It may be used against viruses, colds and flu. Fluorite is also said to provide pain relief when the crystal is stroked against the body toward the heart.