Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Bracelet
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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Bracelet

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White Moonstone, most commonly known as Rainbow Moonstone is a very nurturing and protective stone. The energies of this stone are very feminine, divine and goddess like. The blue flashes you see within Rainbow Moonstone help you to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities. Work with this stone during a full moon as it will align you with the moons energy.

Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect stone to have when starting a new project, new career or a new chapter in your life as it will protect and guide you through your life goals.

For couples trying to conceive place a piece of rainbow moonstone on the mothers bedside table, a piece of carnelian on the fathers bedside table and a green crystal or gemstone at the end of the bed. 

Rainbow moonstone is also protective of native butterflies, dragonflies and moths!